Ciao from the Alien

About a year ago, I landed here in NYC with two trolleys full of clothes and expectations. So many things happened since. The trolleys are now three, the expectations are always growing and New York is my new home.

My name is Francesca and I’m an alien here. A totally legal one, just FYI.

ItAlien means something that I haven’t quite figured out yet, but that somehow makes total sense. I’m an intruder and an amazed observer of life in a country that’s so different and so similar to the one I come from.

I’m here to tell you stories about life in the USA and back in the planet where I came from, which is gorgeous Rome, in gorgeous and crazy Italy.

I live in the Upper East Side with Matthew, an architect from Pennsylvania who happens to be the reason why I love it so much out here. I am convinced that he must be an alien too, although his 100% MRCAN origin. More on this next time. Nice to meet you all.



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