Scende la pioggia

This is Gianni Morandi, a very popular Italian singer, performing his song “Scende la pioggia” (The rain falls) in 1968 on the stage of “Canzonissima” — a variety show that has been on the air for almost twenty consecutive years on RAI, the Italian public television.

As inaudible as it can be, the song effectively summarizes whatever happens in Rome whenever “The rain falls”. The refrain, in fact, says that the world would crumble on the singer on the occasion of a storm.

Poor Gianni Morandi was just singing his heart out after a bad break-up, but check out La Repubblica’s photogallery of today’s Rainpocalypse to see for yourself how meteorologically descriptive his metaphor turned out to be.

Comparatively, Hurricane Irene was just a drizzle with “a New York State of Mind”:


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