Apocalypse — TODAY

So here’s why Rome was becoming Atlantis yesterday… Today is the rapture!

Yes, it was meant to happen on May 21, as Robert Fitzpatrick had predicted a few months ago. But he didn’t do the math right the first time, so here we go again.
Today. 3 pm EST. Sharp.

Fitzpatrick, the poor guy, spent over 140,000$ on an ad campaign to push his self-published work “The Doomsday Code: God is Warning Us Through The Bible”.

He did a great job. Last Spring, in fact, each and every subway car in New York was covered with posters sending disquieting messages to the commuters — as if the morning battle against the closing doors and the random elbows hitting the cereal-processing stomachs, or dodging the random coffee cups rolling on the floor, wasn’t stressful enough.

This probably accounts for the public lynching that Fitzpatrick had to experience on May 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm, five minutes after the estimated rapture time:

After updating his prediction (apparently he wasn’t completely wrong: it’s that judgment takes at least five months to be completed!) Fitzpatrick also predicted that no one would believe his Doomsday forecast a second time — turns out he can tell the future after all!

In fact, as  #rapture trends on Twitter like there’s no tomorrow (ha-ha), tweeter Mitch Benn summarized every American’s feelings by writing this morning that “this second rapture is proving even more relaxing than the first one”.

It reminded me of another clip from The Simpsons:

Anyway, just so we’re not completely unprepared for the potential fatality we might be experiencing today, here are some useful links for you: here, here, and here.

Now my question is: what happens to Aliens during the rapture? I guess I’ll get on googling for an answer.

It’s been real, guys.

[EDIT: Oh cool — according to these nutcases, Aliens are the rapturers, not God. I’m good. Sucks to be you!]


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