Nerdy Monday

Oh hai, I guess we all survived the rapture!

So while Tunisia is voting and my friend Camille who works for the FAO is there and I’ll try to talk to her later to see what’s going on,  I was catching up with my friends on Facebook (follow me! Like me! Love me!) and the geekiest of them all had posted this:

For those of you who grew up with one of these always in their hands (my fav was yellow), this video brings a little tear to your eye.

The awesomest thing is that you can actually BUY one of those ocarinas for 90 bucks or so, and practice the art of Kokiri nerdiness until you’re good enough to go on tour at Comic Fairs.

Maybe you’ll find the other half of your nerdy apple in a Zelda/Link suit:

Did I mention the Ocarina comes with a Zelda song book?

I think that’s quite the deal.


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