The ItAlien recommends — China Tour for a steal that I can’t book. FML

A while ago Matthew suggested I should try this LivingSocial thing. It’s pretty legit.

What they do is that they send you a few emails a day with deals in your area (mine is the UES), and you can search their website if you are looking for something specific — say you are in Midtown East at 2pm and you are craving sushi: there’s a good chance to get an instant deal for that, or to find something else that will entice your appetite and please your wallet too.

Sometimes, rather than getting deals for a facial around the block, or coupons for free gallons of milk in BK (yes, I’ve had that happening), something like this can reach your inbox.

At that point, reminded of 1) how broke, and 2) how DEADLY on a deadline The ItAlien is (I’m handing in my MA Dissertation in — errr — nine days or so), I just want to unsubscribe and cry myself to sleep.

Instead, I came here to share the news. So please, don’t xièxie me. Just book the tour and take a lot of pics, then send them over at

Also — if you decide to go, please shoot us an email to let us (me and M) know how a group of American tourists touring China looks like. Is it something like this, but like x1000?

Let us know.


3 thoughts on “The ItAlien recommends — China Tour for a steal that I can’t book. FML

  1. I used to live in China. In the the three years I was there, I saw barely any tourists. And if so they were carefully hidden away from sight, as the Chinese aren’t the biggest fans. Instead the Europeans dominated, and they looked a little like the above picture, but cooler and stealthy.

    • That’s interesting! Where did you use to live? Another reason why I would have loved to go on the tour was to go to China with a bunch of Americans, I think that alone is quite the anthropological experiment.

      • I spent 6 months in Shanghai (which was obviously filled with American businessmen, not so much tourists) and 2 and a bit years in Beijing. Definitely an anthropological experiment for sure, as no one speaks English there and the locals find it fascinating when tourists shout, point and generally look baffled! Again, there are more American tourists than before, especially after the Olympics and they tend to congregate in all the main sights such as the Great Wall, and Forbidden City. Definitely worth viewing 🙂

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