Berlusconi: Domani Digiuna Giovanni

Whenever I’d procrastinate anything, my mom would use a saying that we have in Italy, which is “Domani digiuna Giovanni” (literally: tomorrow Giovanni will fast).

I have no idea where this saying comes from, I even tried searching for an explanation of it before I started posting. You’ll have to stick with my mom’s version of the thing: a fat guy by the name Giovanni decides to go on a diet, and hangs a reminder on the wall that says “Tomorrow Giovanni will fast”. Waking up every morning to a sign which reminds him he’ll start his diet the next day, he never does.

It’s the same thing with Silvio Berlusconi. According to the latest news he agreed on resigning, but once the stability law will be approved. When will that happen? I’m afraid it’ll happen “tomorrow”, one “tomorrow” or the other.


2 thoughts on “Berlusconi: Domani Digiuna Giovanni

  1. ahahahhaha
    My teacher told the story of Giovanny every morning in the classroom!!!!
    maybe such dwarf was inspired ….
    I hate him.

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