Veterans of America, the untold story

M’s office is right on 5th Av, and it has a breathtaking view of the Empire State Building.

The view from M's office

Today, 11-11-11 (!), 5th Av is packed with people parading from 23rd street to 56th street, to honor the American Veterans on Veterans Day.

Apparently it will be impossible for poor M to go grab lunch across the street, or even to listen to whatever the person sitting next to him in the office is saying, as the noise from the street is hyper-loud.

The fact that today America celebrates Veterans Day reminds me of an article I wrote for BreakThru Radio a while ago, anticipating Memorial Day. It was an investigation on the current state of Veterans in the US, which is not at all rainbows and butterflies and parades all the time.

I totally agree with Lee Fang, who on argues that Veterans are part of the 99% (thanks Alberto for sharing the link!).

Read my article here and share your thoughts below.


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