RiMontiAMo? Hopefully.

“Rimontiamo” means “We’re recovering”, and it’s a pun on (actually, the anagram of) the new Prime Minister’s name and surname, “Mario Monti”, that many Italian newspapers (and apparently some Pizzerias) have been using after Berlusconi’s resignation a few days ago.

Mario Monti - RiMontiAMo

Besides the fact that people were toasting in the streets with champagne and party hats, and the fact that the new government is actually composed by a bunch of people who seem to be trained enough to know what they’ll be doing in Parliament, there are a lot of controversial aspects that might be worth analyzing once the party is over. Alastair Campbell thinks so too.

For instance, my parents back in Rome are freaking out. Not that they loved Berlusconi or anything, but it seems like the only chance not to drop out of the EU monetary system will involve the government’s hands and the already empty pockets of the few Italian tax-payers, aka my family and a small club of others who don’t do things under the table (or “in nero”, in black, as we say in Italian). Not cool.

Italy as one of the EU PIIGS -- a cute one, tho.

Read my article on what “Berlusconismo” means on i-Italy.
In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye open on the new government’s plan for Italy, and I’ll keep you guys posted.


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