The ItAlien recommends: Eataly

Eataly is one of those places where being an ItAlien feels awesome.

Eataly NYC

At Eataly, all the best ItAlien food is on display, ready to tell our stories and to share its flavors with the visitors. Prices are high, but I’m safe that the stuff is the crème de la crème of everything that’s Italian.

Today, with the i-Italy crew, we interviewed Oscar Farinetti, the man who invented Eataly and that is about to open his biggest store in Rome, on Rome’s birthday, April 21.

Oscar Farinetti

He is a friendly man who likes to work hard. He’s really down to earth, extremely clever and always smiling. I had the chance to sit next to him yesterday, at a lunch offered by Franciacorta at Eataly’s Manzo restaurant, and to get to know him a little better.

I enjoyed his stories about wines and waters, and I really wished there was more time for him to teach me everything he knows about food.

We saw him again today. We interviewed him in front of Eataly’s panetteria (bakery), among trays of fresh bread coming from the ovens to the shelves — the store had just opened and the first shoppers were arriving.Oscar grabbed an awesome walnuts and raisins pagnotta bread and shared it with us. I never interviewed anyone that was chewing bread before.

Eataly's Bakery

The air smelled like my childhood Sunday mornings in Rome, when I would go out with my grandma to buy groceries. We’d always stop for bread and pizza, and I would always have a free sample from the baker, who liked me just as much as I liked his pizza bianca.

I like people like Oscar Farinetti, and I look forward to posting our video interview here soon.

Today's interview


One thought on “The ItAlien recommends: Eataly

  1. I can’t wait to visit Eataly on my next visit to New York. Thank you for posting about it…the bread looks fantastic. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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