I’m munching on a Kinder Brioss on a sheetless bed in an empty and dirty E4: painters were in the apartment to fix some wet stains while M and I were away and there’s DUST EVERYWHERE.

It feels as if we had moved in to a new BedStuy-like s**thole apartment (as known as “the place where we met”).
For the record, this was it:

Charming little alcove, right?

See the little window? That’s the storage space where M had his inflatable mattress at. See the door on the right? That’s were I slept, on another inflatable mattress, sharing the room with a very peculiar Chinese-French-Italian-English speaking Chinese lady who teaches French literature somewhere upstate NY (…I couldn’t even complain on Skype, she would have understood every word, in any language I could have chosen). The mess in the front was the “bedroom” of a Turkish dancer, who spoke in a funny English and who at some point gave me some weird ballet flats and a shirt from her huge rack of stage clothes, on the left. That mass of clutter on the right behind the ladder is an indescribable mass of s**t, including two burners, the closest thing to a kitchen available in the apartment.


We snuck into the country some awesome parmigiano and I’m already missing my mom’s cooking (so is M). We gained a little weight while being in RM (yes, even skinny M did!), but I guess the cleaning spree will help us getting back in shape right away.

I’ll be posting things about RM, as soon as this place is sanitized.


3 thoughts on “RM-NY

  1. OMG, still someone produces Kinder Brioss? I discovered a Girella few days ago in a shop, and I thought it was a big shock, but… Brioss… back in the Nineties! Are you sure that the Brioss had not 1994 as expiration date?
    (I say this while eating a Ciocorì…)
    (non è una gomma, non è una caramella, allora che cos’è?)

    Baci e buona fortuna per tutto, dottore’.

    • Come visit and we’ll have a Brioss&Girella party! YES, they still produce them, and they are awesome!!!
      We also have Ciocorì.

      ps: Fruittella!!! La vende davanti casa mia un tipo che ha un negozio di dolciumi inglesi, renditi conto dell’affronto.


  2. Come si permette! Tocca sfidarlo: ha le Fruit Joy?
    (Con le morbide Fruit Joy tu resistere non puoi… devi devi devi devi devi…??)

    Se ha anche le Fruit Joy, allora mi aspetto che abbia anche il Tartufòn, che la fest sera più bon!
    (Tartufòn u-hu a-ha!)

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