Where did the occupiers go?

Yesterday evening M and I raided Jack’s 99¢ store finding Pandoro Bauli for $5 (whereas the temple of Italian food in NYC, Eataly, still sells single slices for the same price and whole cakes for over 30$).

We then decided that the money saved on random household stuff was to be reinvested in a bagful of used books from the Strand (you can’t beat a crinkled copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for $0,49), so we walked our way to the bookstore from West 4th St station, passing through Washington Sq Park.

A bunch of kids with drums were jumping around in the empty fountain of the square, surrounded by another bunch of dancing kids holding cardboard signs and by groups of cops wearing metal and wool in equal parts, standing around a few desks where countercultural books and leaflets were available for sale.

A lady approached M and gave him a flyer about “A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement,” printed by a bookstore on West 26th Street called Revolution Books.
On the second page of the flyer is an article on the importance of the Occupy Movement written by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the USA Revolutionary Communist Party — not to be mistaken for the Communist Party USA, which is not revolutionary. Feels like we’re talking unicorns here.

Bookstores that don’t look anything like the People’s Library, random Communist-like pamphlets and improvised rallies are what is left of the Democracy-camp in Zuccotti Park, now given back to the JPMorganChase employees that can finally eat lunch there again.

While the Washington Post is trying to suggest the Occupy Movement will come back shortly, today The Guardian asks for its readers’ help to map the new Occupied areas. Where did the occupiers go?

I feel like this guys had something and are not working well enough to shape it in the right way, especially with the upcoming elections.
Are they missing a chance to obtain the change they ask for? Is it just me getting a wrong feeling by the fall of the Occupy-related news in the media’s agenda? Or are they just working remotely and waiting for warmer temperatures to pitch their tents in Zuccotti Park again?

This is what the park looked like a few months ago (pics are mine).


4 thoughts on “Where did the occupiers go?

  1. There’s still occupiers in my city, but this sounds a bit scary. I just saw tents when I visited a smaller mountain city last weekend also for Occupy. I hope they’re not gone.

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