WTF MRCA #1: Groundhog Day

Today Phil the Groundhog proclaimed that winter will last for 6 more weeks.
Who’s Phil the Groundhog? I didn’t know until I met M for lunch today, munching on my half panino with Mortadella and Asiago cheese at Eataly (yes, I know, I’m all about this place).

Turns out that in PA there is a place called Punxsutawney (I am guessing it’s named after a forgotten tongue-twister or something) where since 1887 on this day a groundhog is asked to predict the arrival of Spring.
The groundhog goes by the name of Phil and is greeted outside of its hole by a bunch of guys wearing top-hats and by a huge crowd of people coming from all over the country to see the scene.

Phil and a guy in a top-hat

If Phil sees its own shadow and gets scared of it, re-entering his hole, then Winter will last for 6 more weeks. Otherwise everybody should feel free to hang their coats back in the closet and prep the t-shirts.

Here is a video of how it works.

February the 2nd, Groundhog Day. Awright…


2 thoughts on “WTF MRCA #1: Groundhog Day

  1. Non mi capacito, tutorata!
    Eppure nel 1993, pur se criatura, eri abbastanza grande per vedere e apprezzare un simile capolavoro!
    Io è da quel giorno che sogno a) di sposarmi o almeno trascorrere tra i dieci e i vent’anni con Andie McDowell e b) di andare a Puncsatuni, e solo oggi grazie a te scopro come si scrive!!

    P.S. sorri se non scrivo in inglese, oggi sono un po’ fuso e ho difficoltà anche con l’italiano, figurati l’inglese.

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