My first MRCAN Superbowl!

Well, M works all day today even though it’s a Sunday because architects don’t observe the Lord’s Day as believe in their own gods (CAD, Rhino and all of the deities of the Adobe Pantheon). Honoring these gods entails giving up on all sorts of free time, especially during weekends, preferably during universally-celebrated holiday seasons (some people in his office worked on Christmas, no lie).

That said, I still have great expectations about tonight’s big sports event, even though I’ve never been a huge sports-girl, I’ve always hated all kinds of sports, and even when I have sometimes tried to focus on watching a game of whatever-ball I have had serious issues understanding rules, or even when I’d be supposed to cheer, or who scored what and how and why and so on.

BUT — New York is playing!!! So it’s like cheering for Italy during the World Cup: you just HAVE TO do it.

My understanding of the Superbowl so far is that it’s kinda long, and it has the advantage of allowing a lot of munching-time during the game. We should be watching it with friends at this random place in BK that I like a lot, Union Pool, conveniently located in front of one of the filthy-gorgeous-est diners in town, Kellogg’s (I’m drooling over the thought of Jalapeno Poppers even though it’s 12:35, I just had breakfast and I had some serious Mexican food yesterday night).

Union Pool has cheap beer, a garden with a bonfire spot and a taco truck forever parked in the garden. The people there dress funny, and even though they just want to give you the impression that they just covered themselves in glue then rolled in their grandparents’ closet before jetting out to the bar — and that they don’t give a fuck about what you think of their floral tapestry jackets or furry hats or striped neon sweaters — they actually do give many fucks, and they probably spent hours picking out each single item of their outfits at the overpriced vintage stalls of the Brooklyn Flea, each weekend since they moved to BK.

Anyway, I’ve been asking myself about the name of the match, “Superbowl”.

The origin of the name is controversial, but many football stadiums in the US have the word “Bowl” in their names. Some interpretations attribute that to the shape of the stadiums themselves, others to the shape of the ball used in football games. “Bowl game” is also the name of post-season college football games.

Another interpretation says that the match itself was organized jointly by the American Football League and the National Football League, and that the owner of the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs Lamar Hunt first used the term “Super Bowl” to refer to this game in the merger meetings. The guy later said he got the idea from a toy that his kids were playing with at the time, called “Super Ball,” a vintage example of which is on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio).

Whatever the origin of the word might be, its meaning is very clear: food, beer, ridiculous jerseys and painted faces, and hopefully fun.

Let’s Go Giants!

PS: watch the game online here.

PPS: OMG there’s a Puppy Bowl too!


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