The ItAlien recommends: HWKN’s Wendy!

So I pitched this article to HuffPo yesterday, but they’re too slow to be true therefore here it is — it’s about WENDY. Who’s Wendy? Read and find out.

The New York-based architecture firm HWKN wins this year’s Young Architects Program of MoMa PS1.

The project, called “Wendy”, is a three-dimensional tensioned nylon fabric star-shaped cloud, chemically treated with a titania nanoparticle spray to neutralize airborne pollutants.

Assembled on standard scaffolding in MoMa PS1’s courtyard next Summer, Wendy will neutralize air pollution to an equivalent of taking 260 cars off the road.

Wendy’s iconic spikey shape has been mathematically determined in order to maximize its smog-eating surface.

Its volume, the largest the budget for the competition allowed, is 70’ x 70’ x 45’.

Wendy will be visible from the No. 7 train and promises to create social zones throughout the MoMa courtyard, where it will blast cool air and diffuse mists to relieve the heat of the season in Long Island City, and it will also feature a stage for events and parties. The interior of the nylon air-scrubbing cloud will also be open for small group tours.

Wendy is proactively ecological, completely recyclable and its nylon skin can live on in the scaffolding projects in New York City.

HWKN Principal Matthias Hollwich says about the project: “We built bigger to make more of an ecological impact. That was a surprise and a revelation that bigger can be cleaner. Architecture has to be pro-active to make a difference.”

Cofounder Marc Kushner adds that “PS1 is an opportunity for architects to work with the public as a client so we were able to push at the boundaries of architecture.”

Basically, Wendy is a badass project and I already love her!
HWKN is where M works, so we’ve been REALLY excited yesterday when we knew they won.
I believe it was absolutely deserved and I can’t wait for Wendy to be built — I wanna see her!

The proposal was presented with a nice animation that had this song as a soundtrack. Needless to say it’s been stuck in my head for days:

And oh, here’s what Wendy will look like:

…Now, isn’t she pretty?

Come see her at MoMa PS1 next Summer!


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