The ItAlien is back by quasi-popular demand!

Hello, remember me?

Some of you did, and I’m glad about it, and wrote to say Y U NO post NO MO? — So here I am, I’m still alive and I have been up to a lot. So much that I don’t even know what to update you all about, but I’ll try! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since March 13. WTF.

Three days after my last post was M’s b-day! For the occasion I prepared my legendary Zuppa Inglese, and here’s photo evidence of it:

Zuppa Inglese!

Please ignore the wax drops on the whipped cream and do me a favor: never buy letter-shaped candles, they don’t even make it till the end of the happy birthday song.

On a more professional note, back in April I interviewed Elisa, a very popular Italian singer and songwriter who is trying to charm people on this other side of the pond with her US album, Stepping on Water.

Then came Easter, which we spent in Lancaster painting eggs:

Our awesome Easter Eggs! – Actually, MY awesome eggs and a bunch of M’s around them!

Fun Fact: Our trip to Lancaster was HELL. I was waiting for a package from Rome containing 40 pounds of food and other stuff including a ring for my then-upcoming b-day and two Colombas, typical Italian Easter cakes, one for us and one for the Lancaster crew. The delivery was forever delayed even though my mother had paid extra to overnight it, and I was worried that some of the stuff in the package (e.g.: cheeses) would not make it to my fridge on time. I had almost given up on the idea of getting the foods before Easter weekend, and had bought a replacement Colomba at the Italian store a few blocks from home, not to go to Lancaster without any Easter treat for M’s family. Suddenly, 20 minutes before I had to leave to go catch a Bolt Bus to Philly, where we had to catch a train to Lancaster, the UPS guy shows up with the stuff. BUT: I had to pay another tax to get the package, AND I could either pay with a check (which I don’t have in the US) or a money order (I still don’t know what that is). To pay with a credit card he would have had to make two phone calls to double-check with people that the transaction was happening, and waste more of my precious time. We managed to make the credit card payment happen, and the guy was kind enough to carry my 40 pounds of stuff up 4 flights of stairs. He wouldn’t accept a tip, so I gave him a Buondì al cioccolato. By the time I had thrown the cheeses in the fridge, got my b-day ring, called my mom to say everything arrived, got my stuff and left, the guy was coming back to get my signature yet another time. I managed to catch a cab carrying my purse, my heavy-ass weekend bag, a waffle maker that we were going to give to M’s sister as a happy belated b-day gift, and the Colomba. I arrived at the bus stop literally 2 mins before departure, holding my credit card with my teeth.
Once in Philly, we thought we’d have had time for a sandwich, but instead we found ourselves running again to the train station. WTF.

On April 18 I turned 24, and had an amazing b-day dinner at Hecho En Dumbo with M and a humongous ice-cream cake, which apparently is a very big deal in American birthday parties. Matt didn’t waste time on the letter-shaped candles, he went straight for the prank ones:

Me and the cake before the cake pranked me.

What else happened at work? We had a bunch of Italian Ministers (Justice, Foreign Affairs…and here‘s me sneaking into the NYSE to follow the Minister of Justice around) flying to New York and we interviewed Italy’s new Ambassador to the US. And oh, we closely followed the opening of a new amazing pizzeria in NYC, Fratelli La Bufala, on 76th and Broadway (get an idea here and here).

More updates will come, I promise. In the next posts I’m gonna tell you about:
– That movie moment when I got a call from the NYDN for a job;
– My beading craze;
– The nonexistence of Chicken Parmigiana;
– My recent addiction to The Office;
– The confessions of my laundry guy;
– Misc.

Ta-ta for now.


7 thoughts on “The ItAlien is back by quasi-popular demand!

  1. Innanzi tutto grazie per avermi fatto scoprire la parola “humongous”.
    Poi voglio sapere a quali formaggi hai fatto fare un volo sopra l’Atlantico.
    E poi “semplicemente non posso aspettare” il post sulla “chicken parmigiana”, anche se temo che qualche shock potresti causarlo…

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