The ItAlien recommends: SPUN

Hello Le Readers,

I have been very busy lately and I’m glad to share some exciting news with you! This new great project that I’m a part of, called SPUN, is going live today.

SPUN is an innovative iPhone app that allows you to receive the latest news on your city everyday, everywhere, with geo-localized content (which means you’ll know where the cool stuff is, where to go and how to get there).

SPUN is now featuring the best content from 11 super cool cities in the US (NY, LA, San Fran, Boston, Philly, DC, Chicago, Austin, Portland, Miami and Seattle), and has plans to expand — we’re a-coming for ya!

TechCrunch has already written something about it, so you can get a better idea of what SPUN is and of what it does. Go read the article and then I suggest you download and rate the app on the App Store! Here is the link.

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