Hey, recruiter!

Hey, hi! If you’d like to learn more about me, take this crash course.

Here is my LinkedIn profile.

Here are some links to stories I wrote:

  • a story about an Iconoclast dressed as a Metaphor;
  • a story about Jesus, who loves Pornstars;
  • a story about a $35 tablet computer that will change the world;
  • a story about Homeschooling, which is bigger a thing you’d imagine;
  • a story about Veterans, and how they are actually doing in the US of A (not that well);
  • a story about DIY before it was cool — thanks a lot, Pinterest;
  • a story about Teen Mothers, who like Tumblr better than reality shows;
  • a story about Kickstarter for artists, pre-celebrity fundraising era;
  • a story about Wendy by HWKN, an architecture installation that cleans the air;
  • a video interview with Italian singer Elisa — if you don’t know her, you should;
  • another video interview with Italian writer Erri De Luca — get your reading on;

Here is what my husband and I do together (yes, it’s SFW). And this is our first published book!

Here is an issue of CLOG Magazine that starts with an article I wrote (yay!)

Here is where to look if you speak Italian:

  • my articles on The Post Internazionale;
  • my stories on NUOK (here, here, here, here, here);
  • my articles on LeggiOggi;
  • sometimes I try to say clever stuff on Radio Radicale (here, here);
  • sometimes I interview people on national TV;
  • I helped producing some documentaries that aired on national TV for this show here;
  • When I was 14, I debuted in journalism thanks to these guys. For them I wrote articles, I was a radio anchor, and I corresponded from abroad until recently.

Education? Yep:

  • CUNY (2011-2012) – I was a research scholar at Calandra Institute, where I managed the news website i-Italy;
  • NYU Journalism (2011) – I was a visiting scholar in the Literary Journalism concentration and a book nerd at Bobst Library while writing my MA dissertation “The Objectivity of Literature: The relationship between journalism, literature and public discourse through the lens of American Literary Journalism.” I graduated summa cum laude.
  • LUISS Guido Carli (2009-2011, 2006-2009) – BA in Communications with a focus on Political Science (also summa cum laude.) I wrote a dissertation in Semiotics to recover from all the Law and Economics exams I had to take. Said dissertation was awarded the National Prize “Nostalgia di Futuro” as best dissertation on innovation in the field of media. MA in Government Studies and Public Communication, with a focus on Journalism. See above.

Here are some more places where you can find me:



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